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Where I bring the random on a Friday, yet again.

September 16, 2011

It’s Friday, so it’s time for disjointed random.

  • I have a truly beat up iPhone cord at work that’s my “emergency cord.” Normally, I keep a cord in my laptop bag and it travels between my truck & work. Somehow, that cord ended up inside the house and therefore it hasn’t been on me. My beat up emergency cord will no longer charge my phone, so at the end of the day, every single day, I have a dead phone. Those of you who know me quite well know that this drives me absolutely bonkers.
  • It got really freaking cold overnight. Yesterday morning, I walked the dogs to a truly spectacular lightning display — the rain came in at the very tail end of the walk and it rained all day. When the rain finally stopped, we had Fall. The air was brisk & cool – the breeze carried something special on it. It was truly marvelous.
  • This morning, however, the temperature wasn’t so marvelous. I knew it was chilly, so I put on a sweatshirt & sweatpants to take the dogs for their morning walk . . . this is significant because I always wear shorts whenever it’s socially acceptable. I was freezing in the 45° temperatures. In a month or so, I’ll be just fine and will be back to my shorts-wearing ways, but for now, brrrrr.
  • Speaking of walking my dogs, the younger of the two dogs (who is 10 years old, so he’s not exactly young) absolutely refuses to get out of bed to walk anymore. And, ever since “The Arrival1“, this dog has really had an issue with weight. Before kids, he was this rambunctious puppy (even when he was full-grown, he had a lot of puppy-like tendencies) who loved to eat and play fetch and run around. Between regular walks and strict diet, we had toed the line between “obese” and “not obese,” (this dog is the most-food-motivated dog I’ve ever known . . . and considering that our other dog is the least-food-motivated dog I’ve ever known, this has been problematic) but now that the kids are in the food-chucking stage, he’s eating way too much people food. I’m not sure how to get him to want to walk in the mornings (right now, I literally lift him out of bed and walk him to the door so that I can drag him around the block). It drives me, and the other dog (who loves walks like nothing else), crazy.
  • I really need to find more time to write, regularly. And not just here.
  • The smell of bacon really makes me rethink my decision to not eat “land meat.”
  • I have a truly epic knot in my right shoulder. The bad thing is that it’s really, really deep into the muscle. For some past Christmas, I gave Duffy one of those weird back massage thingies where you can apply pressure to those parts of your back that you can’t ever hope to reach my yourself. When I hit the knot, I get that “pins & needles” feeling all along the right side of my body, and I get a tremendous ache in the lower left side of my back. I do believe one of you has a voodoo doll made of my likeness. If stopping these hijinks is too much to ask, can I ask that you start selecting other body parts, just for some variety?
  • I have this Zombie run coming up in the near future, and I’ve been tasked with “popping Lindsay’s zombie movie cherry.” I take this task seriously. Zombi 2 will make the list. But, do I go traditional for the second movie of a double feature with Night of the Living Dead, or do I pull out something more obscure but just as awesome like A Virgin Among the Living Dead or I Eat Your Skin? Or, do I go with the awesome with Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead?
  • I haven’t had a drink since a single beer on Sunday night – and this followed a day with a single beer on Saturday. I’m not kicking liquor, but I was kind of fearing the amount that I was drinking day-in and day-out (using gym and running time as an excuse that it was “ok”). I’ll have a few glasses of wine tonight, though.
  • Speaking of running time, I finally ran on back-to-back days this week. It had been far too long.
  • I’m in the middle of writing my absolute favorite guest-post ever.
  • My band is playing a birthday-party gig tomorrow . . . and while I love private parties because the crowd is usually much more engaged, private parties don’t necessarily bring about more gigs, and my band kind of needs more gigs.
  • I’m giving serious thought to migrating my blog from the “Free WordPress” to a hosted solution, if only because I feel like screwing around with styles & possibly moonlighting as a blog theme designer.
  • I’ve come up with a “thou shall not nap” dance that I’ve deployed against my kids. I need to vlog this, if only because I’ve heard one too many compliments lately, and there’s no way that you’d find me remotely attractive after seeing me flop around.
  • Speaking of compliments, they’ve been pouring in after my Love Thyself post – and they’re all greatly appreciated.

1 “The Arrival” may very well be the turning point in the lives of my dogs. Brining CJ back from the hospital turned has left the dogs in a constant state of paranoia and resentment, and it only got worse when Leila came into the picture.
  1. You just need less lazy pigs with longer legs…thus no more “land” meat. Yes, you’re welcome.

    And the only zombie movie I condone: Zombieland.

    Love the disjointed random. So much better than jointed random.

  2. 45 degrees?! I’m jealous. Also of the rain. I ran back to back on Sunday and Monday and am embarrassed I didn’t run again till Thursday. It’s on this weekend.

    I’d die without my phone. I don’t know how you do it.

  3. Love the random and the honesty and the running and and the running and even the bacon. 🙂

  4. Lisa permalink

    Yes! Video of dancing is needed! Haha!

  5. Not nap???? Why don’t you want them to nap????

    • Because, in my experience, a nap after 5pm leads to a very, very difficult bedtime. I’d rather a few hours of grumpy (though the dance I have eases the grumpies pretty well) and an easy bedtime than an hour of peace and a wide awake toddler at 11pm.

  6. Deborah the Closet Monster permalink

    Please tell me there’ll be a post about the zombie run (and mean it)!

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