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Where I love the fall

August 30, 2011

It starts with the first honeycrisp apples being available in the grocery store. They’re introduced right at the tail-end of blueberry season, right before pumpkin-everything is there. And it’s a good time.

The mornings and the evenings start to get colder . . . dog walks, at the insanely early time that I walk them, get darker. The air, as the humidity dial is lessened, simply feels “cleaner.”

Baseball rides the road to the playoffs while football gears up.

When I smell Amortentia, burning leaves are present.

You leave the windows in the bedroom open, knowing that you’ll be cold when you wake, but knowing that staying under the covers when the air is like this is truly special.

There’s that magical moment when you step, cold, into the sun, and you’re warmed without ever getting hot.

Marching bands practice in the distance.

Geese fly south in their impossibly noisy journey.

Mosquitoes are no longer a problem.

Seasonal beers grow darker.

I get the urge to make pumpkin bread.


Mama Insomnia

  1. You’re torturing me! I love the fall season and weather. It’s cruel to read this and have to face the reality of a horribly hot and humid summer! Ugh.

    • Where are you located?

      I’m in PA, and we’re just hitting the “fall transition.” I honestly don’t know if I could have lasted another month before things started to cool down.

      • New Orleans. Today’s high is 95, which is cool considering we were in the 100’s a couple of days ago. We have two seasons here in New Orleans…. “Summer” and “Summer Lite”….

  2. I could do a post like this four times a year. My favorite times are the transitions between the seasons, the tipping point from one to another.

    Though there is a special magic to fall. I agree.

    • I’m right there with you . . . all four transitions are wonderful. Winter to spring lets you out. Spring to summer gives hints of beach & lazy days. Fall to winter is an extra-special reminder that family is important . . . but there’s something magical about summer to fall. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me ultra-happy.

  3. I love curling under the covers in the cool fall mornings.

    Winter is another issue but fall is delicious.

    • I remember an autumn day, “dogsitting” my girlfriend’s dog (she’s now my wife – the dog is sitting next to me as I write this), cuddled in bed with the beast, the windows open when it was far too cold for the windows to be open. It was the perfect lazy day.

  4. Honeycrisp apples are the best!

    • Aren’t they? I literally jigged in the grocery store this morning when I saw them . . . and then I knew it was time to link up to you!

  5. Fall is my very favorite season.

    It’s the smell in the air – like something amazing is coming.

    • That’s really, really, an amazing smell.

      I get wistful, come autumn.

  6. Sigh. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, and they are so subtle in Southern California. I can’t wait to live somewhere with more seasonal weather. Not snow or anything. Just that’s stuff you described.

    • I’m not a fan of snowfall, at all . . . well, the first snowfall of the season is great. But that’s it – after that, it’s simply a nuisance that gets everybody up in arms at work, and snowfall, the day after, after it’s been plowed, is bleak and horrible.

      But fall, yes – fall is special.

  7. Honeycrisps. This is great. I was just having thoughts like this yesterday. It’s like you’re in my head. Thanks for writing my thoughts so well. 🙂 It’s much better like this then the jumbled way it was for me.

  8. Craig waits ALL YEAR LONG for those Honey Crisps to come into season! He’s a HC whore, let me tell you!

    I love that cool-to-warm sensation, too.

    And Pumpkin spice lattes!

  9. Autumn is my absolute favorite season. I’m so over summer. Never liked the heat, humidity, the beach, water or anything else associated with it. (So WTF am I doing in the South?)

    Bring on the snow, snowboarding, sweaters and fresh cider!

  10. AMEN to all the above.

    And YEAH for darker beer!

  11. You almost make me regret living in southern California, where the difference between seasons in negligible.


    Pumpkin bread?
    Yes, please.

  12. Fall. What a concept. Can I come live with you this fall? Because we don’t have one. It goes straight from 105 to not 105. Sure, we have some lovely days here and there, but it’s not a true fall.

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