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Where I think about the small moments that matter

August 22, 2011

I think we all need to stop and look at the small moments more often. Stop to smell the flowers, stop to note the sunrise, stop to listen to a sonata.

Nichole of In These Small Moments asked me to guest post, and I couldn’t have been more honored. Please, take a minute to read about a parenting moment, where I couldn’t help but smile and marvel.

Thank you, Nichole, for the opportunity!

  1. I tried commenting over at the post itself, but encountered errors in doing so. Such a beautiful entry! I love how it’s linked to a song that’s now (via Brother Israel) linked to sweet memories with my own mom–and hopefully someday with Li’l D!

    • I do love Israel’s version of it . . . I often wonder what songs are going to survive between now & when my kids are my age. I know there are certainly songs from my own childhood that I can’t hear without a wave of nostalgia hitting me.

  2. Heading over now!

  3. Awesome. What a sweet story.

  4. See you there…

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