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Where I write in only six words #SixWordSunday

August 14, 2011

Working on my recovery day blows

  1. We did it!! We did it!!

  2. I signed up for a triathlon!

  3. I’ll have a drink for you…

  4. Being sick together? Such sweet Sundayness!

  5. I am sorry, by the way

    • Eh, work happens. It didn’t ruin the whole weekend (though I missed a birthday party for it all).

  6. Boohiss at working on recovery day but how amazing to be recovering from your first tri. Congrats!

  7. Late to the party, again. Feck.

    • Around here, the party is everlasting . . . there is no “late!”

      And the Mad Woman is going to turn this into an every-Sunday thing.

  8. That is not how the word blow should be used on your recovery day.

  9. agree with poppy. again. get outta my head.




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