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July 11, 2011

So, I finally got back into the swing of things this past weekend. Well, I’d been working out when I could, but I haven’t been running, at all. Time had been truly precious around here, so I’ve been doing the 30-minute circuit at Planet Fitness over lunch . . . it gets my heart rate up, makes me sweat, and allows me to push myself, lifting. It’s not a perfect workout, but when you’re really busy, you can do a lot worse.

But, well, I wasn’t sure if an all-around work out, for half an hour, over lunch, was going to help me live up to my twitter handle. I hadn’t run in weeks. So, Saturday morning came about, and I decided I was just up & run a half-marathon.

I know, full well, that there are people who work for years to get themselves to the point where they’d even consider a half-marathon. But, before my recent running hiatus, I was honestly working to condition myself so that a marathon was “just another run.” I’m still bigger than most any other runner in the history of runners, but I can push myself more than most anyone else.

But, I was nowhere near having 26.2 be “just another run.” Even after a marathon, I needed about a full week to even think about running again. I was hoping to run half, but I had no idea what I’d be able to manage.

The run started out the same as almost all runs do – after just a little bit, I was questioning why I was even bothering, but I found my stride by mile 2. And, before too long, mile 2 had turned into mile 8. Then, I started pushing myself – my legs no longer were on auto-pilot, but I was feeling pretty good, Carter & Sadie Kane were detailing their adventures with the Throne of Fire (yes, I listen to young adult audiobooks when I run), and the weather was gorgeous. Basically, I had the perfect conditions to continue the run for as much as I could.

Mile 12 hit, and I was in the clear (I also, screwed up the runkeeper activity by hitting “stop” when the audio went silent on my audiobook . . . you’ll just have to trust that I ran the final 1.1 miles . . . I think, it was close).

But, that’s all just a workout, and writing about workouts is boring. No, I got home and immediately went back into “dad mode,” (well, maybe I took a few minutes) changing diapers, making pancakes, playing with kids . . . you know, that stuff that I’m supposed to be doing. Heck, I even went for a walk with the whole family soon after.

Despite burning 2000+ calories, I was feeling great. Today, two days later, at work, I had a crappy-ass day, but my legs felt absolutely spring-loaded, raring to go. Whenever I walked to another meeting, I wanted to run there. And when somebody pissed me off, I wanted to kick them in the face. I noticed my clothing fitting more loosely. It appears that, sometimes, that “runners high” lasts more than just the run.

I’m still shy of making 26.2 “just another run,” but I didn’t regress, either. And my legs, they’re finally “back to normal.” I’m at the beach next week . . . it’s going to be wonderful, but I also think it means 13.1 miles along the sand one way….and we’ll see if I run or meander on back.

  1. My running has been dwindling ever since Broad Street back on May 1 (from which I got a case of plantar fasciitis from the increased training leading up to it), but I am still trying to keep up at least a little. I may only be getting out 3x a week, and only 2-4 miles, but at least I am getting out. I’m glad to hear you got out again… keep at it! We need to catch up soon.

  2. OK, this inspires me to keep turning on my Couch 2 5K program, even if I just keep repeating week 3. I dream of running a half marathon. This post might make me want to punch you, but then I’d like to hug you. Because I think, “totally awesome.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I still remember week 3 of c25k. Seriously, I had an easier time making it to marathon distance than I did getting through that “5 minute run”. Hang in there, it gets easier

  3. Someday, I’ll blather on about how I once ran a whole mile without walking… Yeah, that’s right. One. Whole. Mile.

    You’re awesome, you. Keep it up.

    • You know, I think I was prouder of myself when I managed my first mile without stopping than I was when I finished my first marathon.

  4. Whoa, SUPER badass. I’m with CDG. And if I were to ever get to the point where I could run a half marathon without even thinking about it, I think I WOULD just kick people in the face. Then run away, because there’s no way they’d be able to chase me for 13.1 miles.

    • That makes the presumption that I run fast (which I do not). I’m used to, as I’m “running,” to have old ladies in walkers pass me by.

      (during long runs, I aim for 10:00 miles)

  5. Running in sand is way harder. And you have the ultimate accountability with the Twitter handle you chose. So you either need to live up to it, or totally lie.

    • Running in the sand is much harder, but I love it . . . the sea air hitting your face, having to push, just a little bit more, to get yourself to move, step-by-step. When I run on the beach, I try to get there before sunrise so that I can catch the inspiration of the sunrise, trying to overload my senses so I don’t quite notice the burn in my legs. And, if I manage to get a good distance run before the sun rises, and I’m on the beach by myself, and I know this, a quick little skinny dip in the Atlantic never hurt anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Brian permalink

    Awesome run! Especially after a couple weeks off from it.

  7. Awesome.

    I hadn’t even read this post when I decided I was going to run 10 today. I haven’t done more than a two-three miler in over a month (since the kids are home for the summer).

    But this morning, I just needed to know I could do it.

    I absolutely get what you’re talking about with the aftermath…

    Good stuff. Hoping it will last me a few days, too.

    Or at least through a REALLY big dinner tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. It’s amazing to me that you can just do that kind of run. I think it might kill me.

  9. My running buddy and I were sharing this morning how much better we feel all day long on the days we run – and totally tired and bummed on those we don’t. it’s the best freakin drug ever!

  10. Yeah… this is super impressive. Super impressive.

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