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Passing around the hat

May 23, 2011

I’m a few weeks away from riding, and it’s time to get serious about fundraising.

On June 11, I’ll be riding 100km through some of the prettiest land in Pennsylvania, all in the names of raising funds & awareness for diabetes research. 66 miles, plus 8 miles there, plus 8 miles back home.

We all know someone with this life-altering disease. Whether it be unfortunate biology, a lifestyle that left much to be wanted, or a body that didn’t grow old gracefully – diabetes blows. We all know & love someone who is affected, and I know that fear of developing Type 2 diabetes is one of the many reasons why I try to eat right & stay active.

So, if you can, I’d truly appreciate a donation. I know times are rough, and I know money doesn’t grow on trees – but every little bit helps.

  1. Diabetes does blow. I can run all day, but my sanjaya can’t take that long in a bike saddle! Keep us posted on your race and of course I’ll make a donation.

  2. I will be making a donation, as well.

    What a worthy cause. I wish your lower-half well.

    And keep up posted…

  3. p.s. I have to wait until June because I’ve used up my donation allotment for the first half of the year…

    But June is next week, so 🙂

  4. Donated. 🙂

    Kick some diabetes ass!

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