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Stream of Consciousness: A long week

May 6, 2011

It’s been a long week. I caught myself thinking I really can’t wait to get through today when I thought back on Chrissarella’s words . . . weekends are always too fast, so don’t try to speed through the week. Because, soon enough, you’ll be sitting in a room by yourself, eating pudding, talking about the time you once said “hi” to Kaizer Wilhelm Keyser Söze James Earl Jones to no one in particular1.

My legs are finally back to normal after the marathon. I was able to function just fine all week, but it’s really only today that I really feel like I’m “good to go.” Still, though, I made it to yoga & symphony after work on Monday2. And, I’m happy pleased disappointed willing to report that there were no inappropriate, uncontrolled erections in yoga.

While I have my legs back, I’m still trying to get my workout mojo back. Monday & Tuesday, I was simply too sore to do much. Wednesday, I slept in (because sleeping in is fun), but went to lift over lunch. Thursday, I managed to get myself to the pool. But, that meant my schedule was, after five hours of sleep:

  • 4:20 – wake up and spend a few minutes convincing the puppies that going for a walk would be better than staying in bed
  • 4:25 – actually leave for the walk
  • 4:40 – return from walk and feed puppies
  • 4:45 – pack bag for gym
  • 4:50 – leave for gym
  • 5:00 – realize that I didn’t have my swimsuit and that, perhaps, my “nude is good anytime, anywhere” philosophy might night be appreciated…turn around, get swimsuit, head to pool
  • 5:20 – realize that I left towel at home, rent one
  • 5:25 – swim swim swim
  • 6:00 – end swim, sit in sauna
  • 6:10 – leave sauna, sweaty
  • 6:15 – shower and dress
  • 6:20 – realize that I left laptop at home
  • 6:25 – pick up laptop, leave for work
  • 7:00 – somehow make it to work on time
  • 3:45 – leave work
  • 5:15 – get to band practice
  • 5:30 – band practice without lead guitarist3
  • 8:00 – head for home
  • 9:00 – home from band practice, turn on computer to try to work
  • 10:00 – zzzzzzzzzzzz.

I woke up this morning at 4:20, again, and promptly reset the alarm. I will get back into some sort of workout pattern . . . but this week beat me. That said, not working out might be a blessing, as I’m going to attempt to not chop my feet off mow the lawn when I get home. We’ll see, though – I’ll likely have an hour of the house before the kids are home. Napping may ensue. Again, we’ll see.

Still with me? I re-posted my reminiscence of the day I nearly threw myself in front of a train over at Band Back Together. Are you familiar with Band Back Together? It’s a site started by Your Aunt Becky and edited by a group of truly fabulous women friends. If your world sucks and you need a place to vent, this is the place to post your story. The words of encouragement are really humbling . . . I’m a very different person than I was from when I watched the train come in, but I know if that person should ever return, I have a legion of pranksters that will listen if I need them to. The best thing, though? You don’t need to be a super-sexy hunk of blogger love geek who talks about boobs too much to post there. If you need to have your story told, they’ll take it and put it out there for you.

Saturday is just me & the kids – so if they behave, I might try to work on a logo for this here blog (however, if you have someone who does reasonably priced graphic art & design work who you’d like to pimp out, email me as I trust the designs of others much more than I trust my own). I also might head back to vlogging some music for y’all. If the kids aren’t good, I’ll likely be drunk tweeting, so, really, it’s a win-win situation for you guys.

Fuck, who am I kidding? I’ll likely be drunk tweeting either way.

This Sunday, of course, is Mother’s Day — so I want to take a quick moment to wish all of the mothers out there Happy Birthday. No wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, we return with Inappropriate Church Tweets this weekend after a week off4 before stopping by to trick my mother into babysitting as I take a nap visit my mom with the kids. My mom is notoriously difficult to shop for, so I’ll offer to do any/all chores that she needs around the house. Please pray for torrential rain so that I don’t have to head out to the garden.

After, when my wife gets off work, I’m sure we’ll do something nice for her5. Maybe I can talk the kids into taking a synchronized nap for her – they’re the best when they’re cute & quiet.

Next week, stories about my organ, ways in which I’m defective, and continued sleep deprivation rants. But, seriously, to all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day.

1 This actually isn’t too far from my little idea of heaven.

2 I used to, between work & yoga, sit down at my favorite watering hole and have a few beers. Now, I’m doing something remotely healthy, that I’m enjoying. Enjoying a new plan, that doesn’t include beer, when it used to include beer, is very odd for me.

3 I play keyboards in the classic-rock cover band Landslide, based in Gettysburg. No lead guitarist meant that I was playing every lead solo and singing all backup vocals. This normally would be fine because that means things are more about me, but I was damn tired, and playing solos where you’re not used to playing a solo takes a lot of brain power.

4 It’s difficult playing with one’s organ while running 26.2 miles. Come to think of it, it’s pretty damn difficult to play with one’s organ in the time immediately following running a marathon as well

5 I’m not a moron. Well, no, I am a moron, but I’m not a moron all of the time – of course I have plans . . . but we’ll let them play out more organically than posting them to the blog ahead of time.

  1. I was so glad you decided to repost to Band Back Together. Your story was one of hope – of being there and finding the light – and that is so important!

  2. I’m with the doggies. I’d need SERIOUS convincing to get up and exercise at 4 am.

  3. I don’t think I could get up that early to work out. I like my sleep way too much. So, I steal time in the middle of the day. Though, that’s a benefit to working from home. 😉

  4. Glad you are giving yourself time. I never could get on board with the “take as many days off as there were miles in your race” theory…

    But you do need to heal. Mentally and physically from a major endeavor like a marathon.

    Your organs can only take so much.

    As for inappropriate church tweets? There can never be too much of that…

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