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Random Stream of Consciousness

April 15, 2011

This has been a long week and I’m barely able to think, so I’m going to wrap things up with a little bit of insomnia stream-of-consciousness

  • Why does teething hurt? Pain is important, it provides very express feedback to something. Yet an infant or toddler who can’t process why they’re hurting? It seems like a cruel fate.
  • What is the purpose of a pimple? I mean, is there any reason why we get them? Or, more specifically, is there any reason why I’m still getting them as I’m in my mid-30’s?
  • A really, really short haircut takes some real getting used to when you look at yourself in the mirror – but, damn, is it easy to take care of. Also, related to the previous bullet? Scalp-acne sucks.
  • Heading to the gym brings with it the fact that I’m not always showering at home. Men, the rules in the locker room are the same at the urinal: eyes up, eyes forward, eyes at your own junk. No exceptions.
  • I’m about to start the formal running taper as I get ready for the marathon. This means that a body that’s used to running 20-25 miles per week will be running less than 10. I’ll be, potentially, getting more sleep 1. I’m normally a “red blooded” kind of guy, but I’m about to keep the testosterone stream right where it is while not running off any excess. In other words, I may end up turning up the thermostat around here, just to find an outlet. Related, not showering at home? That means my “very special alone time” doesn’t happen, either. So, I’m apologizing now if my words over the next few weeks sound, increasingly, like nothing but the ramblings of a middle-aged horny man.
  • I sat down for a 15 minute “build your own workout” session at Planet Fitness. First, just because I’m rounder than your average runner doesn’t mean I can’t run a marathon. Second, if you say that you trust me to figure out the machines on my own (it’s not like I’m brand new to a gym), you don’t need to repeat your suggested workout regimen to me. I should have just skipped the session to get more workout time in.
  • Why do people tip-toe after finding that my son is adopted?
  • Little kids have a sense that they’re “done eating” right? Because my daughter tends to eat until there isn’t food in front of her, meaning if you continue placing food in front of her, she’ll eat all day (though, at some point, she starts to lose steam, which is the point where it’s time to start trying to clean up). This worries me, because I can think of nothing better than somebody placing food in front of me all day so that I can continue eating.
  • Next week is Holy Week, meaning that #InappropriateChurchTweet Theater may be in overdrive as I play service after service during the week.
  • The new HBO series Game of Thrones starts on Sunday, and I’m giddily excited. I’ve had a love affair with many a HBO series: The Sopranos made me homesick (I grew up in northern NJ), The Wire may be the best show in television history, Cathouse and Real Sex are right up my alley (this should not surprise you by now), True Blood is just eye and brain candy the likes of which you’ve never experienced (seriously, half or fully naked people all over the place, all of them way more in shape than I ever could hope to be, so I’m tempted to do pushups & situps the entire time it’s on) and opened the giddiness that is the Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris, which are a delightful little diversion. Silly goodness, those books are. Game of Thrones, though, is fashioned after another book series – one that I’ve been reading since the start. To say that I’m excited to see, on a screen in front of me, the characters play out the plots that I’ve been fascinating about is an understatement.
  • On the topic of Game of Thrones, the next book of the Song of Ice & Fire series is due out on June 12. The probably won’t be any postings for a few days after that. And then the level of geek will rise here, exponentially.

Ok, that’s it for ramblings this week, though talk of True Blood makes me think that I need a #manCrush post somewhat soon. I’m beyond certain of my sexuality, but when True Blood is on the air, my TV watching time is filled with the likes of Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Rob Lowe (Parks & Recreation), Jon Stewart (The Daily Show), Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, which I don’t really watch, but any awards show and repeated showings of Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog), and Nathan Fillion (Castle, which I don’t really watch, but any showings of Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog, Serenity, or Firefly, any of which have a decent chance of being on a TV at casa de Batzer at any time). I have no shame in admiring any of them.

1 As any parent with little ones knows, actual sleep is dependent on much more than having time to spend in bed
  1. Point number 8. Last sentence: I totally substituted another word for ‘food’ in the last sentence.
    B/C that’s how I roll.

    Cannot WAIT for #inappropriatechurchtweet theater! YEAH! Who’s gonna be touching his organ all weekend?

    • Next week will feature me, sitting at my organ hour after hour – I hope I can keep it up!

  2. The Southern Vampire series is hte most ridiculously guilty pleasure ever.

    And The Wire is surely the best show on TV. I still miss Omar Little. And I make Stringer Bell jokes all the time that no one gets.

    • You know, I started off not watching the Wire. I was living in Baltimore & didn’t need to know how shitty my town was. It wasn’t until a little while later, when they started talking about taking The Wire off the air that I started watching. For awhile, I was watching 1-2 episodes per day, every day.

      I often end up in discussions about HBO shows with both my mother & mother-in-law. They claim that the shows are garbage, and that there’s not a single redeemable character in them (I’d agree with the latter statement, but that’s part of the guilty pleasure, is it not?). My answer to both of them is Omar Little (and Cutty, but mostly Omar).

      I made a Stringer Bell reference in a meeting just the other day that got cricket responses. People just don’t get it.

  3. So many things to comment on, I’ll have to just pick a few:

    Enjoy your taper weeks and I’m always up for #inappropriatechurchtweets.

    You will sleep again eventually, how far apart are your kids? They look close, but that can be deceiving as my son weigh the same as my daughter and she is 3 years older.

    Funny, I just started watching The Wire this week. My husband watched the series without me when it was actually on, but for some reason I didn’t. I like to have a series to entertain me when I get stuck on the treadmill.

    If I were in the men’s locker room, I’d be looking at all the junk.

    • I’m quite curious as to your take on the Wire. Seriously, Omar Little may be the greatest character ever developed for television. There is a scene with him, wearing a tie over a track suit, in season 2 or 3 which still makes me giggle. And think.

      My kids are 7 months apart. It’s usually a lot more fun to let people come up with their own explanation for how my kids are only seven months apart, though. My daughter is younger, but nearly as tall as the boy…I really think we’re going to have Amazon woman & midget (which would be a pretty cool name for a rock band).

      And Poppy, If you were in the men’s locker room, something tells me that nobody would mind showing you their junk 😉

  4. So, you tell me my kid is all awesome with his drumming, and I think, “I’m easily swayed by flattery, and I see this guy all over the place, I’m going to go check him out.”

    Well, dammit, the LAST thing I need is one more entertaining, smart, inappropriate, must-read blog in my reader.

    I hope you can live with that on your conscience.


    We borrowed The Wire, and now I’m all jonesing to start it.

    • Please let me know what you think of the wire as it unfolds. I was so “late to the game” that finding people who are just starting to watch brings back that twinge of excitement. When I was watching season 3, we had a friend who had just accepted a job as a 8th grade teacher in Oakland (CA) public schools (he was living with us, working as a teacher in the Harrisburg (PA) public schools after he sold his house, finishing out the school year). The third season focuses on the Baltimore school situation . . . he was more riveted that I was, and I was invested in the characters by this time.

      And, well, about weighing on my conscience – awesomeness is a gift, and I was born with it. I refuse to feel bad for acting myself ;-p

  5. “Little kids have a sense that they’re “done eating” right? ”

    My daughter has no problem at all letting me know when she’s done. Most of the time she’ll just push the remaining food onto the floor. I guess the floor’s gotta eat too, right?

    • My toddler son does the same (and it’s a great thing to have dogs, though, lately, he’s been trying to pound the uneaten food into the table), but my little girl just keeps eating & eating & eating. When it’s time to finally get her, we find that she only gets about 1/3 of the food into her mouth – but, still, it’s impressive to watch her go.

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