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Introduction & Reinvention

April 5, 2011

I’ve been having a lot of issues trying to find my blogging self. I mean, I’m not really entirely sure who I truly am in real life, then when I try to figure out who I am as ones & zeroes? Yeah, not exactly easy.

I’ve been blogging for years, really trying to focus on getting myself healthy, but it’s just not working. My struggles to make myself work out and my struggles to eat right will always be part of me, but I really have difficulty getting myself motivated to write. I mean, writing about working out is fun at first – it forces me to be accountable, it forces me to pay attention to the details, so that I can best relay them in my posts. But, as you progress further & further, well, it’s quite repetitive. It’s not all that fun to write, and I can’t imagine that reading “ran another 10 miles” posts over and over and over again makes for intriguing reading.

So, who is Daddy Runs A Lot?

  1. First and foremost, I’m a father. I have two kids: CJ and Leila, seven months apart. They are, simply, the biggest part of my life.
  2. I am a fitness freak. There is a high that I get when I work out that I simply cannot get enough of. There are far, far worse things for me to crave than “making myself truly tired.” I’m a very competent cyclist, as my twitter handle might suggest, I enjoy running, and I’m certainly hoping to start swimming regularly in the very near future. I, most certainly, plan on completing (though maybe not “competing”) Iron Mans in my lifetime.
  3. For being such a fitness freak, I have several body image issues. I’ve been heavy, I’ve been light. I’ve never, ever been happy when I’ve looked in the mirror.
  4. I’m an artist at heart. Most anyone who knows me knows that I play a few instruments, that writing is my primary outlet when getting all sweaty might not be socially acceptable, and that I still hold out hopes of quitting my job & making my living as a songwriter. Of course, that brings us to…
  5. I work with computers – I manage a team of web developers while keeping my own technical skills sharp.
  6. I enjoy my distractions, perhaps way too much. Is that a sly smile on my face? I’m probably picturing somebody naked. If I’m having a stressful day? I’m either imagining the feel/taste/smell of the first sip of a glass of pinot noir or I’m developing some truly insane sexual scenario that would make Jenna Jameson blush.

So, I’m going to try to post regularly – but I can’t say what I’ll be posting when . . . maybe my struggles with “diet” one day and then an ode to the cheese curl the next, followed by my recollections of a party from yesteryear. I’ll try to be entertaining & provocative, and I’ll try to be back most every day.

  1. sometimes i have the urge to start mine all over again. but then, i reread something i wrote a few years ago, or a few months ago, and i see glimpses of myself that i can’t bear to part with. but i can’t deny that what’s there is a shiny, polished version of myself.

    and so, this is the year that i slowly, but surely, get real. and *that* brings a sly smile to my face…

    • This is something that I’ve been tossing around for awhile now – I’ve really been struggling to make posting fun as I write what I believe is interesting to read for my readers. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my groove by just “being me,” posting whatever the heck comes to mind. I already have 5-6 square-peg posts in mind that I’d really have to have shoved into round holes in the last blog.

  2. Really looking forward to your posts 🙂

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your writing – even before the reinvention. Blog away!

  4. I see the sly smile. Oh yes I do.

  5. Doin’ the happy hump, I mean dance. Damn sometimes you just can’t fight the love of Digital Underground.

    Or the love of Daddy Runs a Lot. ‘Cause I can’t fight this feeling anymore.’

    Why are you making me sing? I don’t think this was the kind of singing you expected your writing to inspire.

    • Mad, is there any way you can’t be happy when humping, or dancing, or appreciating the lyrics of Shock G?

  6. You avatar takes on new meaning for me now. So who are you imagining me making hot love with?

    This is probably the most awkward comment I’ve ever left…

  7. This sounds like it’ll be a great ride. And far more interesting for people like me who consider walking up a flight of stairs exercise!

    • When running mile after mile after mile – well, you find that you need to find things to keep the mind occupied, because the miles keep on coming. If only I had the ability to blog as I was running, those stream of consciousness postings would actually be quite entertaining.

  8. 1) I refuse to believe that Jenna Jameson has the ability to blush

    2) I just realized that not everyone works with computers. Kind of blew my mind. Thanks John.

    • You know, I chose Jenna Jameson because she was the first porn star to come to mind (even though I talk with Nina Hartley regularly on Twitter). I hadn’t actually seen Jenna Jameson in quite some time . . . after looking at her filmography, seeing that she starred in no shortage of BDSM films, and seeing her botoxed face – I think you’re right. If she ever did have the ability to blush, it’s long gone now.

  9. ..still waiting on the “Ode to the Cheese Curl.”

    I think it could be big…

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